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Miniatures, terrain, reference cards along with written adventures, drawn maps and more! Created by real artists that support small business.


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 It was a great crate! This time, I was fully  satisfied and greatly pleased when I opened the box! :) Great job! The  craftsmanship was, of course, fantastic as always, and I just felt like I  really got a lot of bang for my buck with this one.  

Sarah P 

 More props. Love the dragon pendant. Ring props, potion bottle props, coin props, would  be awesome atmosphere.   


 Sheila G  

 This was a fantastic box that I was so impressed by. The quality is  amazing and I really enjoyed all of the pieces. You could design a game  with these components so quickly--so versatile!  

 Nicole R  

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There's a new theme every month and new items are always being created just for you. From hand crafted items to 3D printing, We strive for creative items that are unique and versatile and of course, to make your adventure even more epic.


When Do I get my box? When Do I get charged? Shipping etc

Boxes ship out by the 27th of that month (Although we are working on shipping out earlier!) with renewal charges for Adventure packs on the 5th of each month.  We ship USPS first class so shipping times will vary. You will get a tracking number emailed to you.

What kind of items will I get?

We tend to be a jack of all trades and like to get out and be creative. For Adventure packs, items like small terrain and scatter, NPC, hero and monster miniatures, dice, Reference cards, and tools are the main types of items. Sometimes we do stickers, pins, props, maps, and other items as well.

Our Guarantee and Experience

We have over 15 years of experience and customer success, we are all experienced adventurers here excited to create more for your collections. Open your box and decide its not for you? Ship it back to us for a box refund. Item broken,  or missing from the box? We'll happily replace it and send it in your next box or do a refund for the item. If you need to cancel and get a refund after your purchase, we may need to charge a cancellation fees to cover credit card charges, stocking fees, etc. For lost or missing packages (Extremely rare) we offer full coverage for USA packages.  

Email us for any questions, concerns, suggestions, reviews etc!