Starting at $12/mo

Adventure Packs

Do you love Tabletop RPG games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder etc or perhaps you are shopping for a gift for someone who does?  

These packs are filled with unique artisan crafted and hand picked items to enhance your games. 


1. Choose Your Adventure

Choose which box type works for you. The starter pack: Our smaller low cost box that has two types, PLAYER or the GAME MASTER to fit your needs.


The Combo Pack:  Both the Player and GM starter packs combined with our free item of the month.


THE EPIC PACK! When you want it all to really up your game adventure. Includes the Combo pack plus at least 30$ or more in extra value to expand upon the theme of the month.

2. Prepare for Adventure

Once you decide on a box, you can choose how many months you want to pre-order, the more you sign up for, the bigger the discount! 

We aim to ship the 27th of each month with new themes and items  every month. Renewal is on the 5th, and last day to order for the month's box is the 22nd.

Cancel, or skip your next renewal at any time easily at your bidding for a  worry free  experience. 


3. Play!

Once you get your box, enjoy the spoils with no worry. Cancel or skip a month at any time. 

EXTRA STUFF!  You get more then just your box, A newsletter is emailed every month to reveal next months theme, and to give out extra digital content like maps, written adventures, artwork and more. 

Join our discord, follow on instagram etc. to make suggestions on new themes and box items, leave reviews, join contests and online one shots and adventures.

 It was a great crate! This time, I was fully  satisfied and greatly pleased when I opened the box! :) Great job! The  craftsmanship was, of course, fantastic as always, and I just felt like I  really got a lot of bang for my buck with this one.  

Sarah P 

 More props. Love the dragon pendant. Ring props, potion bottle props, coin props, would  be awesome atmosphere.   


 Sheila G  

 This was a fantastic box that I was so impressed by. The quality is  amazing and I really enjoyed all of the pieces. You could design a game  with these components so quickly--so versatile!  

 Nicole R  

Sign up for the Next Adventure!

There's a new theme every month and new items are always being created just for you. From hand crafted items to 3D printing, We strive for creative items that are unique and versatile and of course, to make your adventure even more epic.


When Do I get my box? When Do I get charged? Shipping etc

Boxes ship out by the 27th of that month (plus or minus a few days if the adventure turns to be more challenging then expected) with renewal for ongoing subscribers on the 5th of the month.  The 22nd or 15 days before the 5th, will be the last day to sign up for the current month's box.

What kind of items will I get?

We tend to be a jack of all trades and like to get out and be creative. Items will mostly be things you can use at the table like dungeon tiles and props, miniatures, dice, dice storage, tools for game play like health counters, spell circles etc, but sometimes we make fandom items for every day use as well like jewelry, costume items, props, and display items.

Our Guarantee and Experience

We have over 10 years of experience and customer success, we are all experienced adventurers here excited to create more for your adventures. Open your box and decide its not for you? Ship it back to us for a box refund. Item broken, missing, lost in mail etc? We'll happily replace it and send it in your next box or do a refund for the item. If you need to cancel and get a refund after your purchase, we may need to charge a cancellation fees to cover credit card charges, stocking fees, etc.