Lets go on an adventure!

Creating quality items to enhance your experience! From dressing up at your local convention, to gaming at the table with your friends. 

About the Creator

 I've been creating mystery bags and subscription boxes for over 5 years.  I have been crafting and creating as long as I can remember but my main training and focus would be my 3D printing and 3d modeling. I create high quality models and print them at home, or with professional printing services if I need a different kind of printer and material. I love learning and  trying new things and tend to be a jack of all trades, so I will likely implement all kinds of materials and techniques to make all the stuffs. I  draw, 3d model, play with clay, string, paper, calligraphy/fonts, write stories, occasionally act, sing, sew, etc etc etc. Before making tapletop merchandise I designed and created Ball jointed dolls, doll accessories as well as cosplay and fantasy accessories and props. I rekindled my love of D&D and table top games a couple years ago, and have been looking for an excuse to incorporate it more into my life. I am the DM of my group, and love hosting one shots with random people and  teaching others how to play. Being creative is also important to me as  it helps with some of my health problems.  Of course I can always leave  my work speak for itself, feel free to check out any of the social media links below to learn and see more of what I am up to or jump right in with the "get started" link.

Thanks for your support!