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Specialty Dice and Resin Health Potions

$12.00 - $40.00

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Product Description

Want more then just a prop? Do you or your players have trouble remembering if you have potions and what to roll for them? This resin health potion prop has all you need. This is my own take on a classic prop, and has tons of detail and use for lots of versatility in your sessions. The small size means it doesn't take up a ton of precious table space. Each potion bottle includes two D4 dice to roll with when you use them in session. WE have two different red D4 dice styles in stock, your dice style will be random but send us a message if you have a request. Also included are tags you can tie on and remove to let you know how many potions you have and what types, and of course what to roll for each type using Dungeons and dragons 5E system. We include blank tags to add your own labels if you need a different potion or system. Of course not only does it function but it looks great too. We added resin that is swirled up the sides to make it look more full with a transparent red and shimmering gold swirl to match the health potion description from the book. decorative cord is tied on to hold your inked calligraphy tag and our personal shop logo is sealed in our wax stamp at the top of the cork. (It's as if our creative wizards brew this up just for you in game, feel free to use our Personal NPC in your sessions linked below), We carry them all in our nice little drawstring bag. Please note that based on supplies, the cord, tags, bags and wax seal colors and type may vary from batch to batch. Items are hand made and as such may vary from pictures. Want a different color or dice style request etc? Send me message!

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