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Port' O' Potion Tokens

$12.00 - $22.00

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Product Description

This set of tokens helps the whole party manage what health potions they have and how to roll them with ease. We have 4 token varieties to use with the Dungeons and Dragons rule set printed on them so you know exactly what to roll for each health potion type. The tokens are easy to use. Just add or take away a token from the keychain ring depending upon what you have in your inventory or what you have used. Place your used or extra tokens in the bag that is included. Attached to the key chain is a wire caged d4 dice ready to roll those hit points. Gently push the dice out between the wire, or push back in when not needed. Basic set: 4 token set, D4 key chain, drawstring bag. Double Token Set: TWO sets of the 4 potion tokens, one D4 key chain, drawstring bag. Double Plus set: Two sets of the 4 potion tokens PLUS one extra 2d4 potion token and one extra 4d4 potion token (the more common ones), one D4 key chain, drawstring bag. Choose one set or are any of the extra token sets to suit your campaign/player needs. Tokens are 3D printed and may vary slightly to what we have in stock including key chain wire cage metal colors, dice type and 3d filament plastic. The dice and filament will always be red though the type may vary on what is in stock similar to shown in photos. Tokens are 3D printed and may have some stringing and layer lines etc that are consistent with this type of manufacturing method and are not considered defects. Need a different color or variation etc? just send us a message:

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