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Tavern Accessories set


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Product Description

This listing contains a versatile scatter terrain set you can use in a variety of ways in your 28mm table top games like dungeons and dragons, pathfinder etc. Great to help add to your tavern or medieval village set etc. INCLUDED: - Two tables - Four stools - Four benches - One tavern bar/dice tray -One cheese and bottle set (4 cheese, 8 misc bottles items could be pla plastic or resin) - One secret Beer Barrel Door - Four Crates (misc sizes) - Four Barrels (misc sizes) Other items in photo for reference only and are NOT included. 3D prints can be painted, sanded etc. 3d model and 3D printed by us. 3D printing color filament will be random and may differ from photos. ------------------Get items like this in our Subscription boxes! --------------- _________________________3D PRINTING_________________________ On any item that is 3D printed, please note that layer lines, overhang drooping, zits, etc are all considered normal and are not defects. all should be minor if so. Printed generally in PLA plastic, and other fdm printer materials. . Plastic filament colors tend to fluctuate as to what is in stock and what is available from companies to buy. Items are generally made to order and will take 1-3 weeks to create or longer if there are health issues or large volume orders etc. _________________________SHIPPING_________________________ Shipping is set to first class USPS but you can upgrade to priority by sending us a message and paying the necessary remainder shipping fees via paypal. If you choose first class shipping SHOP IS NOT LIABLE OF LOST OR DAMAGED IN TRANSIT. (no refunds or replacements) Tracking is not included internationally. upgrade to priority shipping for insurance and better tracking etc.

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