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Druid Dungeon tile: Extra tiles

$5.00 - $15.00

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Product Description

Missing a bunch of our tiles from the combo adventure packs? Or just want more tile options? (not sure what you are missing? send us a message with the months you have received and we can tell you what you need) This listing will have the have small sets of tiles for any months you are missing from our combo boxes, or if you just want a few more for your building needs. For other rooms, scatter terrain like furniture, plants etc please see our other listing. What comes in this Pack: you choose which set of tiles you need, You get FOUR of those tiles per pack added. Tile Packs: A= 2in wall with doorway (you need 5 for the main room set) *Av2= 2in wall with doorway and floor foot (you need one for the main room) B= 2in wall with window (you need 6 for the main room) C= corner wall piece (you need 4 for the main room build) D= L Wall pillar with sconce (you need 4 for the main room) E= 2x2in floor tile (you need 12 for the main room) *Fv2= 2in wall piece with floor foot (you need two for the main room) * These tiles are not in the tile example photo. These tiles are wall tiles that have a floor foot attached so that you can connect rooms together. These tiles shown int eh epic build or assembled photos of the west wall of the main room in the lower right as the dividing wall tiles. Tiles will need the support rods clipped or cut away for the clips to fit in, and tiles and all 3D printed parts may come in different colors and colors shown in photos are not guaranteed ). Tiles and 3D printed models are unpainted. (we will try for only 1-2 colors if possible but it also depends on stock and how quickly you want these made. We may take requests and commissions if we have time so feel free to send us a message for any questions or if you want specific colors, want tiles painted or anything extra added on etc) 3D printing and hand crafted items may contain small imperfections that is part of the process of creation and are NOT considered defects. There are no returns or refunds on this item as it is very labor intensive and made to order custom for each order. We do ship it insured for shipping protection on orders of 100$ or more. If you need help or have any questions please contact us at any time and we will be happy to offer any assistance we can.

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