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Leftover Resin Miniatures Mystery bag!


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Product Description

Want more miniatures like NPC mini's, monster, player characters, special bases, base decorations and accessories (for kit bashing etc) and more! This listing is a mystery bag for resin prints from past boxes and other resin items for miniatures and mini bases. It's always good to play it safe and create a little more then necessary and those items start to pile up. SO! you get a deal of 30-50% off the retail price, and we get to clear our shelves a little to make way for new awesome things. It's a win win, the only catch is you do NOT know what you will be getting! Most items will be from past boxes so make sure to check out our instagram and facebook pages, but there could also be prototypes or products that didn't make it into a box in a previous month. It could be kits or diy, a fully finished item, props, terrain, mini's etc. Nothing is guaranteed so please do NOT buy if you will regret it later. You can always message us if you need a particular item for full sale price as a separate purchase. So in true Random fashion that is involved in so much TTRPG, will you take the chance? -Guaranteed 30-45$ in value per bag! Better chance for higher value the more bags you stack up! Want more loot inside? We will ship this with your next Subscription box if you have one and turn the shipping cost into extra items added...., or you can shoot us an email if you don't or need other options. email= Colors and resin type will be random along with what models, and resin miniatures you get.

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