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TTRPG DnD: Market stall terrain clutter plus mini's


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Product Description

Fill out your scenes over and over again and help your players really immerse into the adventure with this helpful pack of Resin, 3D printed miniatures. This listing contains 26 miniatures with a total value of over 50 dollars PLUS free shipping for USA Orders. That's less then 2$ per miniature. This set is great in it's multi use as it is split into easy to reuse pieces, and printed in simple base colors for more eye appeal... (as well as For those of us who are lazy or don't want to paint so we dont have a sea of grey on our maps and terrain). Miniatures are within the 28-32mm range and are intended for typical one inch (25mm) grid systems approx. Great for games like Dungeons and dragons. pathfinder and other table top RPG type games. Items included are: - 6x display stands - 2x weapons trays - 4x empty baskets - 2x tomato baskets - 2x grain/spice baskets - 2x bread roll baskets - 1x apple basket - 1x cheese basket - 3x street cobbles mini Bases - pretzel vendor forest guardian/Firbolg female miniature - Bird race plague doctor/necromancer miniature - old man laborer miniature ((If you would like any of the items separately please let us know for a custom listing) Items are already printed and ready to ship out in 1-3 business days (health and circumstances permitting) This pack is 3D printed in resin and as such layer lines, support marks and common 3D printing effects are to be expected. These prints can be primed, sanded, painted etc. 3D printed items and resin tend to be more fragile then other mini plastics. While we have upgraded our resin to one that has a small amount of flex to add more durability was as that you please handle with care. The models are from our studio as well as others and we love to support a wide variety of artists and small businesses from patreon, our own studio, etc. We pay all commercial fees and donations to the artists when applicable so that the love and support spreads out to many with just one purchase.

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