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Your Choice Custom spiritual Weapon Miniature


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Product Description

Want a custom spiritual weapon to go with your character mini? Need a giant lollipop to bash heads in? Or perhaps a keyblade, or flying poop, beer tankard, teddy bear, flying daggers, or the master sword, etc? As long as it it a weapon or prop type item. Photos are past examples of ones we have made in the past. You can choose any shown or something completely different for your own special custom mini! We will contact you with the email you give us, but you can also send us an email at or Especially if you don't get our email (spam filters and what not) or have questions. We got you covered as we have tons of models to choose from as well the ability to make new ones to fit your match. You describe what you need and we will put a special mini together just for you. We'll show you a preview where you can ask for 1-2 minor changes and Then we will 3d print it in our durable high detailed resin on a one inch base (or select a special sculpted base to go with the theme of your custom weapon!). Just leave us a message when you order with the details of your weapon. The mini will be printed in random colored resin. If you have a request let us know or ask abour our upgrade options! Other items shown in photos is for scale etc and not included. Items are 3D printed and contain layer lines etc. Item colors are not guaranteed and are made to order. UPGRADE OPTIONS ( Send us a email to purchase a upgrade or get a price estimate etc.) A)- Custom Base and resin choice B)- Full paint and finishing with resin color choice (We ask for an additional 2-4 weeks turn around time depending on our schedule if getting extra options added to the work. Please message us with more details if getting the extra options.) base custom weapon= Just the custom spiritual weapon mini with a simple plain base sculpted and 3D printed in random resin color choice. Add a custom Base= The custom spiritual weapon mini as well as a custom detailed base sculpted and 3d printed in your choice of one resin color Fully Finished= All the options! Get the custom spiritual weapon and custom detailed base as well as a paint job as seen in examples. ======>creation may take 2-5 weeks<===== since I may need to sculpt items from scratch as well as depending on schedule and health concerns. Items ship usps first class and do not contain insurance or tracking overseas. You can upgrade your shipping for best grantee at anytime before we ship. Want more for a great value? Check out our D&D/ttrpg subscription boxes where these items originally originate from. you get themed items every month at a discount plus you get signed up for our digital newsletter that contains extra goodies like maps, artwork, modules etc.

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