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Remainder MISSING Special edition DICE ADD ON


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Product Description

This listing is to help you complete your special edition dice set. This set was given out with one die a month for our 2020-2021 year long collectable set in the combo and epic packs only. Listed at a special discount to be shipped with your June 2021 subscription pack. Let us know which dice you have collected for best assurance on getting the correct die, otherwise we will check our records and try to match up what you have left. (please note that if the latter, we cannot guarantee you will get the exact match to the set as some months were tricky to track in the past) The dice as meant to be collected in order from first month to the 12 should be as follows. Let us know if you need anything different, 1- D6, 2= D4, 3= D6, 4= D20, 5= D6, 6= D100 (percentiles) , 7= D4, 8= D6, 9= D8, 10= D10, 11= D12, 12= D20 EXAMPLE: So if you were signed up for a subscription for 8 months you would have the first 8 dice plus the bag already and would then need to purchase the 4 dice add on which would include a D8, D10, D12, and D20. Again if your dice line up is not the same as ours for any reason, please let us know which dice you have or send us a picture of the ones you have so we can make sure you get the correct dice.

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