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Expanded mini sets: Mini Printing service

$6.00 - $12.00

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Product Description

Want more mini's we didn't get to use from a month's theme or from an artist we sponsor? A lot of our mini's we use are sponsored by us by fellow 3d sculpting artists. We love supporting other artists and small business on top of our own artistry and small business. Quite often there are more mini's from the month's theme available from these artists! You can expand your sets and the monthly theme even more buy purchasing this listing. Check out the links down below for the library of models, make a list and email (( that list to us along with what kind of shipping you need (cheap, fast and secure, international etc). The pricing below is a guide on our base prices. Once we have confirmed which items you want, we'll send you an invoice or total. We also offer a discount if purchasing 5 or more miniatures. This listing does NOT offer the larger terrain, dungeon tiles or really huge monster models. Please ask us about pricing on those item separately. Our main Patreon artist we support is Vae victus, You can a better look at Vae Victus offerings on their seller gallery at my mini factory here: we support and use a few others, but is is more random. Feel free to ask us about printing form other artists and other models online from thingiverse, my mini factory etc.

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