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Tiny TTRPG Random Clutter terrain Discount Value lot

$12.50 - $19.99

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Product Description

The models are from and do support a wide variety of artists and small businesses from patreon, our own studio, etc. We pay all commercial fees and donations to the artists when applicable so that the love and support spreads out to many with just one purchase. Included: per purchase you get 50 or 100 random pieces of small terrain or clutter pieces in random shapes and colors. Items like bottles, books, food items, weapons, boxes, cups, treasure, candles, etc and more. Items shown are not guaranteed and we add new items and new models every month or two to our stock. Great to add detail to your scene, or decorate your player base, kit bash, and for crafts. There will likely be repeats. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ITEMS ARE A MYSTERY and the photos are an example of stock and past items that may or may not be available or included, There are NO refunds or returns for this listing. Item is shipped usps first class and buyers may ask to upgrade for shipping insurance and package protection. Item is ship at your own risk unless upgraded. The epic pack automatically includes this option. This lower shipping cost and low risk allows us to pack more item value into your boxes. Items are carefully wrapped and packaged by us. WE have had few issues in out 10 years of business. Resin color and type will vary. Small support marks and resin foots from the build plate are necessary for some models and are not considered defects (we find these usually pretty obtrusive and still higher quality then many sprue plastic molds from other miniatures). Items are made via 3D printing with various uv resins. Some materials can eb more fragile then others. Please handle with care. For best durability, please prime before painting. Items can easily be sanded and dremeled if desired to help customize etc. Etsy is our side business and as such it may take 3-6 business days to ship your item out to you, if we need more stock, it could take 1-2 weeks.

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