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Products / Baby dragon and Egg clutch set miniatures for TTRPG like DnD

Baby dragon and Egg clutch set miniatures for TTRPG like DnD


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Product Description

Inspired by tabletop rpg like DnD, Pathfinder, Gurps, 7th sea etc, silverbeam creations is proud to present high detailed resin miniatures. A small baby Dragon miniature for 28mm table top games or for your treasure trove or whatever you like, this cute little dragon is ready to terrorize the neighborhood with it's cuteness! Our mini now comes as a 2 piece mini set and also includes a trio of dragon eggs as a extra mini! Colors are hand mixed and may vary from photos especially as we make up new batches. Egg clutch may not be the same color as your dragon depending upon stock. Size suited for 28mm or 32mm TTRPG scales or one inch battlemaps. COLOR IS RANDOM! Feel free to send us a message with your top color requests! Colors are hand mixed so may vary slightly. If you are choosing your own color please let us know which on checkout or shoot us a message or email. Free item with every purchase added! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These models are not like your bulk molded plastic figurines and come in sharp rich details with NO seam lines and no weird warping squished mold issues. Items are made with high resolution 3D printing in a UV curable resin (color is random). They are easy to sand, prime, paint etc. Miniatures will NOT be primed, and may need minor sanding to remove all traces of support structure (support structures are carefully clipped at the base, but may leave little small nubs or dimples). we recommend you handle with care as UV resin is a little more fragile then typical plastics used in other miniature creation methods. If broken or lost in shipping, please contact within 5 days of arrival. Items are made AFTER purchase, Please allow 1-4 weeks to create especially depending on our schedule and on bigger or custom orders. LOVE MINI'S and or Dungeons and dragons????? Check out my monthly subscription box, where you can get mini's and all kinds of things every month for a bargain!

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