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Double dice Custom Glass dice potion set


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Product Description

These glass vials are filled with your choice for two dice sets. Plus you get to choose your choice of wax seal, ribbons and color options. Make sure to fill the form out below for your choices and email us If we don't hear from you we will email you if you have an email on file with your order. There may be other color options etc then shown so feel free to ask, or tell us your theme and favorite colors and leave the decision making up to us. Dice set A: Dice set B: Ribbon colors: (choose up to two) Wax seal logo: Hogwarts, ministry of magic, the four main hogwarts houses, silverbeam creations SC logo, d20, potion bottle, arcane magic circle, rose Wax seal colors: (up to three) Extra: (See below) Extra: Want one extra detail? We could add a tag, lable or a charm. Let us know if you want something extra special and what the theme of your bottle is. Like wizard fireball, or a favorite video game character, Hogwarts house, favorite colors, DnD class and race.... etc.

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