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Keyblade Miniatures for pendants and nendoroid and dolls

$19.99 - $455.00

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Product Description

Inspired by the video game kingdom hearts, we have carefully created miniatures of a few of the various Keyblades. These are as tiny as I dare make them. Keyblades are approx 3- 3.5 inches (7.7cm) long/high They do vary a little in size. They are carefully hand painted with acrylic (or choose our blank unpainted item and it will come in a random single color). Each come with tiny keychain. They work well as pendants for necklaces, display or doll props. If you would like a different color scheme or the item customized in some way, please let us know. If you can get us the dimensions you need we can make custom sizes for action figures and dolls like arts kai, BJD, funko pop, nendoroid etc. Please inquire on custom sizes before purchase. Variation options: ===PRICE AND LISTING FOR ONE KEYBLADE MINI with painted or blank option. Make sure to leave a comment which keyblade style or model you would like from shown. Available Keyblades: Kingdom Key Ultima 1 Ultima 2 Oathkeeper Oblivion Divewing- Winners proof Mysterious abyss Wishing lamp Bond of flame Pumpkin king Starlight Starlight full upgrade ===We can also do a special commission for one keyblade not shown/listed above as listed in the commission option. Listed commission option is for commission fee of one 3- 3.5 inch keyblade unpainted of a keyblade not in the offering list. Commissions can take up to 1-4 months. For commissions let us know which keyblade you want modeled and any reference images including your own keyblade designs. There may be extra fees if the design is overly complex especially on personal designs. ===New option! get all keyblade pendant miniatures, painted or as a blank set. We have upgraded our printers and now print in a uv resin with higher detail and smaller layer lines. Items ARE NOT in stock and take 4-6 weeks to create due to artist ongoing health, and schedule. See shop policy for shipping and more information on item etc. NEED A DIFFERENT SIZE? We can offer a few larger sizes. Up to 6.5 inches in one solid pieces on our resin printers, and bigger if split up or print on our lower resolution Printers up to cosplay scale. Cosplay scale starts at 250$ depending upon size and keyblade model.

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