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Dice Rolling Potion

$12.99 - $63.99

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Product Description

Immerse yourself in your game with this magic potion that you can use to "roll" your dice for you! Just like a magic 8 ball, give it a shake and see how the numbers tell your story as you play. Great for games like dungeons and dragons, pathfinder, and more! Choose from our random mystery D20 potion and be surprised, or choose the custom option in which you can tell us what dice to use and what colors or theme you want and we will make a custom potion just for you. Please note that there is some artistic freedom in making these and that no two potions are alike as the way the wax drips and the handmade nature of these will vary. Please make sure to store these away from sunlight and heat. Shake gently to make the potion swirl and roll your dice. Turn upside down and Peer at the bottom to see your dice roll. For custom options, we tend to make these in weekly batches. so depending upon schedule, sales it can take up to 10 business days. On rare occasions, a little longer if the artist's health starts to act up. We thank you for your patience and your support in this matter. ORDER OPTIONS: New custom bag add-on option! Get a drawstring bag to carry and help protect your bottle. It will be made to reflect your custom potion options with a special vinyl decal from our artist. This choice gets you one dice rolling bottle with your custom options and a small drawstring bag inspired by your bottle. 5 Party Pack set: Get 5 potions of the buyers' custom pick option at a bulk discount value AND FREE SHIPPING!! Make sure to send us all 5 themes, dice, or color choices. (You can also ask for 5 health potion bottles instead) A) Mystery Artist Pick: One potion of the artist's choice. colors will be random but it will be a D20 for the dice. B) Buyers Custom Pick: (please send us a message or leave a note upon checkout) =====>1)- choose one dice type (d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, percentile) =====>2)- choose 2-3 colors or tell us your theme for us to choose for you. Well make your potion around those colors/themes as best we can from in-stock dice and sealing wax. (You can also have a different liquid color from your wax top colors if desired) =====>3)- wax seal stamp shape: D20 dice, Potion bottle, rose, Arcane magic circle, Celestial window set (dragon, cat, hummingbird, peacock, mermaid, deer, fox, see photo above for reference) SC logo, Hogwarts crest and hogwarts houses, ministry of magic logo. C) 2d4 Health Potion: A potion bottle of red and gold colors with 2 small d4 dice inside to roll health potions with. We specially made our own d4 dice for this bottle. Colors and dice style may differ but it will contain two d4 dice. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As these are glass please handle them with care! Please see shop policy on shipping and other detailed shop information including shipping policy. Purchase means you agree to our terms and policy. For the custom Dice potions, if you do not leave a message we will send one to you. If we get no reply within 2 days, we retain the right to choose for you.

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