Which adventure will you choose?   Want a smaller lower cost box? Choose the starter adventure pack. we even split our adventure pack into two groups, the Player Pack and the Game master pack, to help you get more of what you want, and less of what you don't need.


Our bigger box is our combo adventure pack  which has  both the smaller starter boxes combined into one bigger box, PLUS our free dungeon tiles!

Starter Adventure Packs

This is our basic starter box, a smaller box at a lower cost. We have two types of our starter pack to choose from. Our player pack, and our Game master pack. Every box is a mystery but you are guaranteed at least 3-6 items and each box will have at least 25% more value or 15$ or more value into every pack! -------------------- PLAYER PACK: Items with the player at the table in mind. Each pack may contain a Miniature and decorative mini base (almost always included) as well as 1-3 more items like reference cards, dice, character props, tools and more. GAME MASTER PACK: May include any items similar to the player pack as well as items like scatter terrain, Encounter or NPC mini's, and tools to add to your game. --------------------- We make a lot of our items with 3D printing with over 5 years of experience in design and using these machines, We also support digital artists and other small businesses whenever possible to bring you a wide range of talent, and exciting items. Many of our items are exclusives or hard to find items that are not available at your local game stores.

Combo Adventure Packs

Want more? Are you both a player and a Dungeon/Game Master? Get the combo box to get all your needs in one. This box has BOTH the player adventure pack PLUS the Game Master Adventure pack shipped together as one bigger box. This way you can get more adventure out of your box and really add to your ttrpg group. Get items like Dice, props, tools, miniatures, jewelry, costume accessories, fan items, as well as items like dungeon tiles, scatter terrain, monster mini's, tokens/markers, and so much more. Every box is a mystery, and in the combo pack you get at least 6-10 items in every box if not more. The combo pack has 25% more value then the base box cost (At least 30$ in value if not more) That's like getting free shipping with the extra value! Pre-order 3, 6, or 12 months to stack on even MORE savings, because this is our passion and we know what it's like to have low income but want big adventure.

Thanks for your support! Let us know if you ever have any questions or concerns. 

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