Whats Inside?

Always more value then the base box cost. Our adventure packs have at least $30 value, and our Epic packs have the adventure pack plus a expanded theme set for an EXTRA $35 in value! There's a new theme every month to help inspire and add to your adventures.

What can you expect in your boxes?

We create and craft and add all kinds of items to enhance your tabletop games from miniatures, 3d printed terrain, Item and spell cards, to full sized adventure costume props.

Included on top of your box is our monthly newsletter up can sign up for. Inside the newsletter is extra digital content like maps, written adventures, roll tables, npc cards, crafts etc, as well as a hint at next month's items and themes, As well as shop news and more info on your items etc.  

You can also get behind the scenes photos and sneak peaks and check out past boxes on our Instagram page: instagram

Whats different about our miniatures?

We create much of our items with resin 3D printers.   We make sure to use better resin and professional sculptors for best  quality as well as to help support other small businesses. We also like to print in a array of base colors so if you're like us and have no time to paint, your table wont be full of indistinguishable grey or white pieces.  Some of our items we create as exclusive sculpts from our own studio just for you. With 3d printed miniatures, there is no worrying about cleaning up  flash lines, weird seams and faulty molds and  bubbles that can happen with bulk mold casting companies. As for companies that do offer  higher resolution minis similar to ours, since we skip the mold  stage we can offer them cheaper as well. Instead of the 10-12$ typical  high resolution miniatures from similar shops, our miniatures tend to be  6-8$ in value, with our mini sets (One miniature with detailed base and  sometimes a base or mini accessory) being 8-12$. 



Know a Game master or player that seems to have it all? We create unique and fun items you can't find anywhere else, and with our no renewal option you can get them a one time gift without having to remember to cancel later.


We strive to create quality and unique items that are versatile and fun to use. Inspire your next adventure as we ship these items to you once a month.  Subscribers help pick the themes and suggest items as well so the box truly is built for you. Don't love your box? Let us know what we can improve! If you absolutely hate Everything, send it back for a full or partial refund on any starter box. Remember you can also cancel at any time up to the cutoff date (The 22nd of every month). Were also happy to help so just let us know and contact us today.

Free Item!

Every year we do a special collection set.  In the past we have done a Druid temple dungeon tiles set, a special d12 piece exclusive dice set, and more. Get the new years collection when you sign up for our main adventure pack and epic packs. Each month you stay signed on, you get a new piece from the set. Stay signed up for the year to collect it all.  Our year starts in July so December is the halfway mark.  You can email us to learn more or get missing pieces etc.

Our New set starts in July!